South America: Real Estate Investing Market Trends

Some of the significant aspects in South America as a whole are investment opportunities, quality of life, real estate values and relocation opportunities. When it comes to real estate and on an investment value basis, there is no other area that can be compared to what South America has to offer.

There is actually more agricultural land in Argentina compared to entire Europe. South America also has every mineral and every weather pattern. Furthermore, Brazil, Chile, and Ecuador offer amazing beachfront and breathtaking mountainous sceneries making them top destinations among travelers. 

South America in this current age is vibrant, modern yet traditional, and exudes natural and unparalleled beauty. It also offers unrivaled potential for South American real estate buyers, investors that seek massive opportunities and expats seeking for a low cost and more laid back lifestyle.

The Best Places for Real Estate Investment in South America

South America investing is a hot investment continent area.


Argentina offers a real estate market that is freely open to foreign investors and does not tax the capital gains of non-residential individuals. This makes Argentina’s real estate market attractive and convincing among foreign buyers.

Homes, vineyards, and farmlands are being offered for sale in U.S. dollars, and along with the falling value of their local peso, the cost of construction is likewise more affordable. 

Some of the areas that offer the best real estate investment deals are Buenos Aires for those who prefer a laid back environment, Cordoba for those who prefer commercial and high-end properties, and Mendoza which is well-known for its expansive ranches and beautiful vineyards.


Brazil had its own share of economic success over the last 7 years. However, its current outlook has become less promising and unattractive which resulted in the cooling down of its real estate market as spectators have gradually abandoned it.

Now, this is actually great news for investors who are looking for long-term potential as well as for expats who are seeking for a good bargain on land. Furthermore, those who are interested in investing on the world’s best farmland can likewise see this as an opportunity because Brazil is currently a buyer’s market.

Non-residents can literally own a clear title to real estate while foreigners with residency in Brazil can pursue their dreams of owning a farmland. 

Brazil is currently suffering from severe drought problems and it basically offers an environment that’s right for immediate investor commitment since the market is subdued and the prices had been lowered down. Still, the potential for returns is undeniable and remains strong. 

The top locations to consider for real estate investment in Brazil are Florianopolis, Sao Paulo, Rio, and Ceara. For alternative investors, they can explore the agricultural sector and buy some of the most fertile farmlands in the world in this country. 


Uruguay is quite popular among South American real estate buyers who are looking for a high income and a more progressive nation.

Uruguay remains to be the top choice in South America primarily because it has been ranked first in the Latin American region for its economic progress, well-established environment and quality of living, peace, and democracy.

Still, given all these prestige and achievements, it has remained to be highly accessible among investors and foreign citizens and it manages to maintain its low cost in terms of properties and real estate investment prices.

Direct investment by foreigners has also increased in Uruguay and it offers amenable income tax ruling for qualifying foreign residents. Furthermore, buyers from overseas are free to own land and property thus accounting for its desirability among investors all over the world.

Compared to African real estate market, the situation and legal policies in South America, particularly in Uruguay, are less risky, much less complicated and guarantees more long-term potentials.