Holding Madam President To Her Solemn Pledge (editorial)

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On Monday, January 16, 2012, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was sworn in office for the second and final time to protect, and defend the Constitution and Laws of the Republic of Liberia, and faithfully execute the sacred duties of the presidency. President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was sworn in office along with Vice President Joseph N. Boakai in the presence of international dignitaries and the eyes of the world.

In her inaugural address, President Johnson-Sirleaf spoke on wide range of pressing national issues,    which when addressed, will further shift the destiny of our beloved country for the improved.

But our attention is chiefly drawn to one of the critical national issues Madam President spoke about. That is reconciliation. Principally, she said reconciliation means economic justice for our citizens and the spread of progress to all our people-It means creating jobs, opportunities and giving our young the skills they need to prosper and create the life they choose. The youths of Liberia, the Liberian leader observed, are our future, and they sent us a message. According to her, they are impatient. They are eager to make up for years of conflict and deprivation. They are anxious to know that their homeland offers the grounds for hope.

Among other things, Madam President added: “Let me say to them: We heard that message and it is our solemn obligation to ensure that their hope will not be in vain.”

We extol Madam President for her brilliant message, especially the part of her message that has to do with reconciliation.

We think her concept of reconciliation is well guarded and must be embraced by each and every Liberian, as it seeks to bring hope to the hopeless.

We had and continue state that genuine reconciliation is a panacea for prolonged quagmire, which among others include huge unemployment and unsteadiness.    

Honestly, without true reconciliation, Liberia’s renewal following years of brutal civil war will be unachievable.
This is why it is very imperative for any responsible government to place genuine reconciliation at the core of their vision.  

We wish her well in the execution of her final sacred duties for the betterment our country.   To this end, we again commend President Johnson-Sirleaf for her insightful message, but we hasten to add that we will hold Madam President to her solemn pledge.  


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