Press Statement Issued By Hon. Edwin Melvin Snowe, Jr.

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Distinguished ladies and Gentlemen:

On Thursday December 30, 2011, I availed my residence to Mr. Patrick Honnah Deputy Manger of the Renaissance Communications (Truth FM) to host his Bachelors' Eve Party. Since the event, there have been allegations that a female attendee at the party stripped and paraded nude before the guests after I offered her a thousand United Dollars for the performance of said act. This information is false and misleading.

I have never and will never do anything to bring womanhood into disrepute no matter their status in society.

I am deeply saddened that this unfounded allegation is being sustained in the media. I have spoken to my mother who expressed dismay over the manner in which womanhood is being brought into disrepute and disdain by this unfounded allegation. I have also spoken to my pastor and some members of my church as well as other eminent women in our society who have all expressed deep concern over this falsehood.

I am deeply troubled by the manner in which a gathering intended to celebrate the holy matrimony of a brother and friend is now being transformed into degradation of womanhood; for this I expressed deep regret.

As this allegation has sought to draw other guests including prominent individuals and officials of government into the web, let me state that I hereby take full responsibility for the unfortunate turn of events base on falsehood at my residence.

I thank you.


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