Our Message To The 53rd Legislature (editorial)

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As the 53rd Legislature begins its mandate   next week, we are cautiously calling on the august body to do everything humanly possible to pass the Code of Conduct which has been before the Legislature for more than three years. Among other things, the Code of Conduct sets out standards of behavior and conduct by public servants, guide, regulate and ensure compliance with the norms and behaviors required of a public servant.   Our call to the 53rd Legislature is predicated on the failure of the 52nd Legislature to pass the Code of Conduct, despite persistent calls for the First Branch to pass this important document.    

Prominent amongst those who pleaded with the erstwhile 52nd Legislature to pass the Code of Conduct is United States Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton.

But the incessant calls fell on deaf ears, as the 52nd Legislature ended its mandate without passing this important document.

We consider the Code of Conduct as very germane to the continued fight against corruption and other vices which have the propensity to undercut our nascent democracy.

We encourage the 53rd Legislature to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the Code of Conduct is passed for the enhancement of our democratic gains. 

Earnestly, the Code of Conduct, when passed, will give big boost to President Johnson-Sirleaf’s expressed commitment to showing integrity in government.

The 53rd Legislature, we urge, must not thread the path of the 52nd Legislature which downplayed the calls of the people when it refused to pass the Code of Conduct 

To this end, we again call on the 53rd Legislature to act suitably on the Code of Conduct for the betterment of country.


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